Posted by: charlieinman | July 8, 2013

Omar – The Man


It’s been a long time coming, but the new album from  Omar Lye Fook is well worth the wait. Ever since There’s Nothing Like This you’ve known he’s had it in him, but none of his previous six albums has quite delivered. With The Man he has finally got his shit together and delivered something that sounds like it might be a classic. I’ve listened 3 times now, and it’s not getting old yet. Jumping from genre to genre, getting each one right, nice lyrics, wicked sax playing on High Heels from some German chap called STEPHAN ABEL from the Hidden Jazz Quartet (I thought it was Mornington Lockett at first). Anyway, here are a couple of tracks to listen to. Click the “The Man” link above for a sampler of the whole album, or just buy it. Go on, give Omar some money. He’s a family man now, and with this album, he’s earned it. Bigup your chest Omar.

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