Posted by: charlieinman | July 5, 2013


UPDATE – Having listened to this properly in the car this weekend, I take it all back. The last Summertime Mixtapes were tops, this one is a load of ropey old horse cock. Sure, there are some bangers on there, but the mixing is unbelievably poor, full of  sloppy beat matching and lazy echo-outs and he’s made some super strange track selections in there, not to mention the hate crimes perpetrated by Smif-n-Wessun halfway through. What the hell happened? I’m sure that even if he recorded it in a oner whilst drunk he could have done a better job than this. I can only guess he let an over-keen nephew do it for him or something.

Woo and Yay! It’s actually sunny here in London, Andy Murray is playing tennies, sexy people have come out of hibernation and got their tiny clothes on, and to top it all off, everyone’s favourite DJ Jazzy Jeff is back with another summer mixtape.

Now some of you might have slept on the last ones, and if so, you’re in for a top treat. Get them here.


Perfect for any event from BBQ to Bar mitzvah.


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