Posted by: charlieinman | November 20, 2011


Estrella Navarro Holm is a very nice lady, she also happens to be Mexico’s champion freediver and good friends with my cousin Luke. Here’s a little film I made with her on my holidays. It’s shot in 3D, which I’m working out now. The music is by Craig Armstrong, and I have absolutely no right to use it at all, so I hope nobody notices. Go and buy one of his albums on itunes or something. He’s the tops.

film by Charlie Inman

Big love and thanks to all the following, without whom none of this would have been possible : 
Free Diving Security and Boat Service by Patrick Puhlmann
Free Diving Security Direction by Manuel Gonzalez, AIDA Mexico Manager
Equipment asistance Free Diving Security and additional camera by German Obaya

Estrella Sponsors:,,


  1. Excelente información; gracias por compartir con quienes te leemos con frecuencia; el submarinismo es una de mis pasiones.
    felicidades por tu blog.

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