Posted by: charlieinman | August 3, 2011


Cover Up is West London’s longest running club night. After over 8 years rocking the crap out of the aussies and the bushoisee, they’re getting on their fixies, combing their taches and heading eastwards to play some brasilian music and make the hipsters hop like kangaroos and frogs.

SPECIAL GUEST SAMBA SUPERSTAR on the night is RODRIGO LAMPREIA, who’s flying over from Rio de Janeiro with his band. Since the last time he played in London he’s become quite the thing back home, playing to crowds in excess of 5000 with ‘Samba Clara’. The biggest thing to hit Brazil this year, they’ll be playing a series of
sold out shows backing the legend Jorge Bem before joining us to rock the floor.

Like carnival come early, infectious and totally feel good, THE FONTANAS are possibly the greatest dancefloor-rocking party band in the universe with grooves as infectious as Ebola the most rocking horn section from here to Alabama, Their biggest tune to date, ‘Feels So Good’ has sold over 7000 million billion copies on iTunes and has been adopted as the national anthem of Ghana.

Behind the decks, look hard and you’ll see DJ C-Boogie getting his rub on. He’ll be spinning funk, hip hop, samba, ragga, reggae, and all sorts of other party tunes, all with bit of a latin twist, and dancing.

Oh, and there’s a BBQ. Basically, if you don’t come, you are totally bogus.


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