Posted by: charlieinman | February 9, 2011

VNA issue 14 launch party with Sickboy

Those clever chaps at VeryNearlyAlmost have come up with yet another edition of their entirely excellent magazine.

This Thrusday February 10, VNA will be having a party at Brick Lane’s East Gallery from 6 – 9:30pm to celebrate the launch of VNA 14. Sickboy is on the cover, and it’s got all sorts of interesting stuff in it about Doze Green, Evan Hecox, Reka, Chris Stain, Pedro Matos, and the mighty Mysterious Al. There will no doubt be pictures to look at, free beer, lots of excellent people you haven’t seen for a while, and I’ll be DJing. Plus, turn up early and you’ll get to buy a copy of the magazine with a limited edition screenprint on the front by sickboy and some free pens and stickers. FIT. What’s not to like?

East Gallery | 214 Brick Lane | London E1 6SA
To get on the list please email:

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