Posted by: charlieinman | June 8, 2010

Funny George W Bush Prints over at Aesthetic Apparatus


Pick one up for only 20 dollars over at the Aesthetic Apparatus website. There’s some pretty dope other prints for sale there, and they’re all good and cheap, but this is my favourite.

–Available in the following presidential quotes: —

“Sacred cow my ass!”

“I figure since I can’t use it at camp x-ray anymore”

“This is more fun than killing retards!”

“That’s what you get you gay, liberal, jew bastard!”

“And then you just simply put the voter in what I call the ‘freedom machine.'”

“Abusing steers get me SOOOOO horny. Get it? Horny? Guys? Huh? … SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

“Then, after world dominion is achieved, you shall attack mars.”

“Alright sug’ it’s time for some unity. And then we’ll do some healing. I’m the president!”

“Fuckin’ rad!”

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