Posted by: charlieinman | January 22, 2010

Wu Tang vs Beatles – Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers

Now when it comes to the Beatles, I’m with Robert Elms. Yeah, yeah, great songwiters, pioneers and all that, but I just find them a bit insipid. But then that’s one of the best things about hip hop. It can take something insipid give it a bit of  an edge. I’m not saying it works every time, and sometimes it can do exactly the opposite, but when producers like Pete Rock or Primo or our very own Harry Love get a hold of a nice old record, they’re like gold panners, sifting through until they separate the perfect golden nugget, and then polishing and adding bits, until they’ve made something truly delightful. Looks like we hae another panner out there. Bigups to Tom Caruana.

Those of you who struggled through that massively laboured metaphor can now claim your reward HERE.



  1. Thats wicked. Check out The Easy Star All Stars

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