Posted by: charlieinman | January 21, 2010

Fftang! Fftang! tonight at 93ft East, Brick Lane

Any eastsiders who fancy a boogie after work tonight could do worse than to head down Brick lane to Fftang! Fftang! at 93ft East, where me and Huskiii will be spinning all manner of worldly goodies with a live horn section and percussionists playing over the top. 7-11pm, back in time for a cup of horlicks and bed. Plus, it’s free, so basically if you don’t come, you’re a chief.


From Buenos Aires bedrooms to Cape Town raves, traditional dance rhythms from around the world are being taken and fused them with modern production to create hybrid party music. Boundaries are melting and genres breed as worlds collide. FFTANG! FFTANG! is a monthly club night in East London set up to champion these genre mutations. Brazilian dubstep crossed with Himalayan mambo? Swedish hip hop over Congolese speed disco? Old meets nueva. Sound-clash meets culture-clash.

The night at 93 Feet East, on Brick Lane, was set up in Spring ‘09 by Huskiii whose aim was to take the much maligned phrase ‘world music’ and bring it into the nightclub, injecting it with b-boy beats and bastard bass. Guest DJs bring their own take on “global beats”, sometimes venturing through classifiable ground (afro-beat, samba, cumbia, balkan…) but rarely staying on any style or continent for too long. The outcome is a genre-mashup soundtrack for the carbon footloose generation.

Since the first night, guest musicians have shared the spotlight with the DJs, creating a carnival atmosphere with unrehearsed freestyling over the records. Captain Trumpet regularly walks amongst the partygoers with his wireless mic, blasting out blistering brass solos and there’s been times where Paolo’s drum kit has had a queue of people waiting their turn to jump on and join the live jam. was launched to promote the kind of global pidjin beats out there that fuel the night and to share mixes from FFTANG! FFTANG!’s growing roster of DJs.


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