Posted by: charlieinman | December 11, 2009

TFI Cover UP – UK Hip Hop Goodness for Friday

In anticipation of Harry Love’s return to Cover Up tonight, I’m posting some UK Hip Hop gems for your listening pleasure, starting by a little something my mate Benboe has just brought to my attention. Biggest bigups to him.

Absolutely classic, yeah MCD might be a little out of the flow at times, but Black Twang makes me smile all the way through, and as for Skinnyman… SHIT! What happened to him? He needs to stop spending his entire life loafing in the road outside hip hop gigs trying to chirps and get in the studio. He could still be the greatest, but you’d never know nowadays.

Straight out of Fulham, it’s Mystro, a funny man with a great flow, we need more rappers like this, and luckily there are two more on this Louis Slipperz joint. Braintax and Jehst and the mighty Mys-diggy – a mighty triumvirate:

Moving on… one of my all time favourite tunes of all time mate:

If you hear a good beat that was made in the UK in the last decade or so, chances are it was fashioned by West London’s finest purveyor of jazzy niceness, master of cuts and fades, the slick fingered beat juggler, our very own Mr Harry Love:

And lest you forget, Funky DL is still holding it down:

That’s all, see you at Cover Up. Mail me for cheap guest list.


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