Posted by: charlieinman | December 4, 2009

A bumper selection of musical goodness to make your Friday even more betterer

So I have a few things to share today, some new, some old, all truly excellent.

Repping Paris, Jazz Liberatorz, a trio of jazzy producers making the kind of hip hop I have been bemoaning the demise of for the last decade. Go get it.

Repping Tokyo, Nujabes, cheesy and crunchy and good, like a pack of wotsits:

Repping Cadiz, the incomparable Niña Pastori. This woman has a voice that never fails to make the hair on my arms stand to attention. Like grated gold.

Repping Congo, Papa Noel. Just try not to tap your foot to this one. I’m going for the full elbows-out pidgeon-neck chicken flap to this one:

Happy weekend everybody, and if you’re feeling like a bit of Salsa and Boogaloo tomorrow night, get down to Santo on Portobelly Rd. where I’ll be spinning some tunes.


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