Posted by: charlieinman | October 20, 2009

Cover Up November feat. The Junkyard Scientisis

A super-strong lineup for Cover Up this month. Mail me with names for the easy-in list.

It’s November, any thoughts of Indian summers should by now be packed up along with the mesh vest and the carnival whistle, but never fear, we have a lineup this month that’s guaranteed to warm your cockles, and have your shriveled little bits back to their regular size in no time. Funk, reggae, boogie, dancehall, brazilian beats, salsa, 2 live bands, joyous good cheer abounding.

cover up nov

The Junkyard Scientists. These boys are funky, really really funky. Acid Jazzy, Hip Hoppy, grooves with horns and hee-heeing and everything. Made me feel all 14-again listening to their myspace:

The Fontanas have been making the dancefloor go crazy in Ginglik for the past 6 years, and they don’t look like getting knocked of their top spot yet by a long shot. Solid, heavy, floorshaking, brazilified goodness. Guaranteed dancefloor filers.

DJ C-Boogie will be playing real-life records and making you dance with your actual feet. Fact.


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