Posted by: charlieinman | October 4, 2009

One Foot In The Grove – Graffiti Goodness Galore


Over the last week I have been happier than a pig in shit, spending hours and hours hanging out under the Westway with the most charming collection of vandals you could hope to meet. They’re covering three arches of the massive concrete corridor with amazing art, and I’m getting to make some films about it. It beats the crap out of A Place in the Sun.

Mutate Britain is a sort of urban art festival which will be taking place just off Portobello Road for the next month, and I encourage anyone who can get there to make the trip. It is looking amazing under there. Great new pieces by the likes of Mode2, Part2ism, Dep, SoloOne, Tizer & ID crew, Sickboy, Pure Evil, Snug, Best Ever Crew, Juice Remi & System, I could go on, but you get the point, and then there’s a load of completely insane sculptures made by the Mutoid Waste Company all over the place, and prints, and food, and a bar. I was watching a Russian Mig Fighter which has been converted into a car being brought in there at 1 this morning, and today we’re supposed to be taking delivery of a giant pieced-up helicopter monster. This shit is ridiculous. Don’t miss out.

Bigups to Jack for getting me on board.

best evertizer



  1. This looks amazing, thanks for the tip. I am going to get down there soon

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