Posted by: charlieinman | September 10, 2009

Mariana Magnavita launching debut album



A few months ago Mariana Magnavita left us all slack-jawed with her beautiful performance at Cover Up in Ginglik. Now she can slacken jaws remotely, with a compact disc.

Half Oxfordian, half Bahian, all delightful, Mariana Magnavita has two distinct styles, one british and folky, and one Brasilian and bossafull. On Sunday the 25th of  October she’s launching her first album, a folky bit of loveliness called White. Get down to the launch night in Oxford and catch the whole thing live.

A Brasilian album is now on its way, which is double exciting. Click the links for a listen on myspace and look forward to another date at Cover Up before the end of the year.


Here’s what she had to say about it:
I am finally finishing my first album, which is called White. I think it’s sounding great thanks to help from Shannon Harris, Simon Tuke and other great musicians.

On Sunday the 25th Of October I am planning the launch in the Jacqueline Dupre Music Room (St Hilda’s College) at 7.30pm. Accompanying me will Shannon Harris on piano, Joylon Dixon on guitar (both play with Amy Macdonald) and Jane Griffith on violin. Other musicians will make guest appearances to contribute with backing cello, trumpet, backing vocals and flute. It’ll be really nice hearing my songs as I’ve always envisaged them! The tickets are £12 (£10 cons), to cover the cost of hiring the venue, musicians and publicity. With it you’ll get a free album too! You can get tickets in advance from Galeria Brasil, 33 Cowley Road (opening times Tues-Sat 11am-6pm), or you can email me, or just come along and buy on the door (but hopefully there won’t be any tickets left by then!). So please come and support this night.

I’ve also booked the Magdalen College School car park, on Cowley Place near the venue, so you have access to free parking. I’m thinking of everything to make it a lovely event! Shipping Lanes will be the support act, making this night even more special. It’s a new project by local, talented singer songwriter Nick Tingay. You can check it out on



  1. Amazing, I did not know about that up to now. Thanks.

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