Posted by: charlieinman | August 27, 2009

The New Capitols confirmed for Cover Up at Ginglik in September

Picture 1

Universal Music claim to have searched the whole world and assembled the finest jazz talent they could find into a supergroup they’re calling the New Capitols. There’s a lot of people from a lot of places in this band, a Japanese pianist, A french guitarist, a trio of septics, a south African and Annie Bea representing west London on vocals. I’ve heard a couple of other songs and they’ve definitely got skills.

I’m afraid all I can offer you as a teaser at the moment is this slightly blakey video on Vimeo, and a myspace page with one slow song on it. Anyway, they’re in London getting ready to take over the world and we’ve got them playing at next month’s Cover Up in Ginglik. Looking forward to seeing if they’re as good as all the hype surrounding them. Come and check them out. You never know, you might be telling the grandkids you saw them before they were world famous megastars.

More to come


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