Posted by: charlieinman | August 11, 2009

Oriental Jesus Japes


While we’re on the subject of plastic Jesus, here’s a delightful Japanese take on the messiah. I only wish I could read what it says on the box (Japanese friends feel free to translate).

In a similar vein, a friend of mine assures me that there’s a town in China which specialises in the production of Christmas decorations, and that there’s a mall there full of shops selling Santa masks and strings of lights and Rudolf puppets and other Christmasy things. I can’t show you photographic proof, although I have done exhaustive research (alright, I looked through 2 pages of Google images), but apparently the Chinese decorators got the whole Christmas/Christianity thing a bit muddled and there’s a life size Santa nailed to a cross on the wall in the entrance.

There I was wondering how to top the old filthy-jokes-in-the-crackers routine from last year. That’s getting reconstructed round my gaff this festive season. Actually, who’s up for building a big one on the top of Primrose Hill? Ho ho ho.



  1. There’s something darkly metaphorical about the banking crash encapsulated in the notion of a crucified Santa…

    • That’s why it must be done. I’m going to find the suit online today. Bring on Christmas.

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