Posted by: charlieinman | August 10, 2009

another amazing daredevil stunt

Picture 3

I can’t see where they cut this, it looks real, which means that guy has balls so big I’m surprised he could fit into the wetsuit in the first place. One word: WOW.

Check it out and see if you can believe he did it:

Here’s the link



  1. Nooo – it can’t be – really??? It must be a dummy somehow. But it looks real …darn it, maybe they just live a totally different world to the one I inhabit.

    Why did you change your name? I liked Stuff is Good



    • but nobody can explain how they did it. My theory is that the camera pulls out, the guy hides under something at the top, they send a dummy down the chute and then paint it in the air to make it move, and then the guy who gets out of the pool was in there the whole time, but I don’t know how they avoided hum getting mashup by the dummy.

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