Posted by: charlieinman | August 6, 2009

Music from the Penguin Cafe at the Big Chill

If you’re heading out to the big chill this weekend, or any number of other festivals this summer (Bestival, Edinburgh, Festinho etc.), do yourself a favour and go and bliss out for a moment to the music fromt the Penguin Cafe. Arthur Jeffes has assempled a group of talented chaps and chapesses and set out to revive a band first started by his late dad in the seventies, after a  vision induced by eating some bad fish. That’s what Wikipeda says anyway.

I saw them twice at the Port Stanley festival last weekend and they rocked the tent, doing proper justice to the beautiful music that came before them. I can’t share any of the new stuff with you, but here are couple of a delightful examples of the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra at play:

Ought to ring a few bells. You can do some reading in a nice article that was written about them in today’s paper ( it was a tipoff.  I swear I don’t read the Telegraph).



  1. Hi,

    Glad you’ve enjoyed the Penguins music. Just thought I’d let you know that many of the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra as featured in the videos here, are still together as the Anteaters. We adopted this name, which came from Simon, after the Union Chapel gigs in 2007. We are still playing the music and we’re not that old you know!

    best wishes

    • Thanks Jennifer. I’ll look forward to hearing the Anteaters some time soon.

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