Posted by: charlieinman | August 6, 2009

Jerk along with the kids

Heard this the other day. Some astonishing shit here, like the bastard offspring of an unholy union between Ice Cube and Nathan Barley, dropping it like it’s hot in skinny jeans and flouro caps. Maybe I’m finally getting over my grumpy-old-manishness. I LOVE it. Had a good poke around on the interweb for more Jerk, but it’s surprisingly hard to come across (fnarr fnarr), so imagine my delight when Matthew Africa over at the fantastic I Wish You Would Blog went and did all the work for me and sourced a whole load of excellent tunes. I really cannot praise this man enough. You want to find good new shit? Check his blog. Always bursting with bangers.

Jump in here for a selection of the best Jerk stuff around. I particularly enjoyed the unutterably filthy Pink Dollaz girls super slack chat on I’m Tasty. Like a noughties, lady version of digital underground. It’s not the most sophisticated record I’ve heard all year, but it works. Kids nowadays eh?



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