Posted by: charlieinman | August 6, 2009

J-Live at Cargo: 23rd August

Result! One of my all time favourite rappers of all time is coming to London to play. Great rapper, fantastic producer, and he’s a good DJ too. I seem to remember reading that he used to be a primary school teacher in Brooklyn. You can well believe it listening to his flow. So nice and relaxed and easy to follow.

It’s being put on by a club called ‘Real Hip Hop in London’, which seems to have exactly the right idea. Good vibes and proper tunes. I’ll be following them closely.

As for J-Live, his skills are endless. You’ve got to love a man who produces his own beats, takes a sample of a nice Brazilian lady singing and then makes up his own version of what he reckons she’s singing:

And this is the only time I’ve seen an MC doing his own cuts.

He was probably doing a little uprock behind the decks as well and tagging the table while he was at it. Class!


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