Posted by: charlieinman | July 23, 2009

CéU has a new album


It’s taken her four years, but it’s been worth the wait. Brasilian songstress and uber-whippet CéU has popped out a second album, and, as my mate Max would say, there’s nothing all that shit about it. It’s not going to set the dancefloor alight, but then that’s not what you expect from CéU. In my house, it’s mainly washing-up and tidying music, the perfect backing to some gently reshuffling of the living room of a Sunday morning. The kind of thing you’d want on if you had to rearrange your bookshelves. It would even suit for a little light canoodling, but dancing is pretty much out of the question.

More here. Now go out and buy a copy. Then tidy up your room to it, or have a bit of a canoodle, up to you.

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