Posted by: charlieinman | July 17, 2009

Rebirth of the Cool


Have I ever got a Friday treat for you lot. This is the album that really opened up my ears as a spotty 14-year-old. I’ve got it on as I write this and I’m careering headlong into 90s throwback mode. It’s so good I actually had to get up and have a bit of a dance round the office. Takes me right back to the first band I was in, in the Orange on North End Rd, sporting a global hypercolour tshirt and a seriously wack ponytail.

London was responsible for some really heavy grooves back then. I can’t wait till the kids have dealt with their asymmetrical 80s synth electro pop dance thing and this becomes cool again. Christ! I have become a grumbly old man. Ranting aside, The first and second installment of these records are so jam packed with amazing artists I don’t know where to start. Mica Paris, MC Mello, UMCs, Brand Nubian, Gang Starr, Freestyle Fellowship, Main Source, every single track a winner. I don’t know what version this is, the tracklisting isn’t the same as the one I have on vinyl at all, there appear to be bits of one and bits of two all mixed up together, but it’s all nice quality.

Anyway, big props to my old friend and beat-conspirator Kev from the 13th Tribe for drawing my attention to a splendid music blog where all this goodness can be channeled right into your computerbox.

get it here and have a lovely weekend


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