Posted by: charlieinman | July 16, 2009

Jump Around Cuba

maria cuba

I shot this while I was working in Cuba at the beginning of the year, but then I had my laptop stolen with half the shots on it, and got a bit dispirited, so I stopped with it half done and never bothered finishing it. This morning I had another look at what I had left and thought, sod it, I can patch up those holes, so I did, and here it is, in all its imperfect glory.

comment is good



  1. that’s a fantastic film
    Cuba is a wonderful place

  2. that’s the fu*kin shiz niz charlie. good work. and boo to the person who nicked your laptop and hooray that you made this anyway. You’d never know. xxxx

    • ‘cept for the media offline bit I just noticed. Why oh why do I never check anything properly? Oh well.

  3. Love the film, love Cube, love you!
    and I feel the media offline bit gives it that extra “no sé”!

  4. Thats brilliant mate . brought a lump to my throat and made me want to go and do it all again. if una noche is half as good we are rocking……loads of love man. trev x

  5. dude that’s a lovely jubbly little slice of ‘cuban hill’ you created… jeez the little monkey who swiped your laptop is making his own edit right now. x

  6. Love it Charlie Boy. Toe tappin finger clicking head nodding smile inducing brilliance! You coming to Dublin ever?

    • Cheers Barry. Should be in a couple of weeks. Got to sort it out. I’ll bell you when I know.

  7. Genial!

  8. aaaaaaaahhh! thas fuggin lovely! personally i really loved the ‘media offline’ bit. def keep it in!

    good stuff. too many lovely moments.

  9. Charlie I loved that – It’s put a huge smile on my face! x jenni

    • Thanks Jenni. Keep smiling. It’s good for you. BTW, Is this Jenni from Ollie’s old house?

  10. As my savvy 11 year-old niece would put it, this is “the bomb dot com backslash your mama!”

  11. Probably the best music video ever made.
    Good memories Charlie boy.

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