Posted by: charlieinman | July 15, 2009

R2D2 mouse taxidermy mashup

I’m afraid to say we’ve missed the boat on this fine item. How could I have let the chance to own these slip through my fingers?  Further establishing itself as the online equivalent of Harrods, where absolutely anything can be procured for a price, Ebay romps to the top of the shops with yet another fabulously noteworthy piece. The R2D2 mouse taxidermy mashup.

Picture 2

Inexpertly cobbled together by a man in one of the southern states of America for reasons I can only guess at. These delightful ornaments would surely make a great addition to any mantelpiece. Perhaps with a little reworking, they could be made into usb speakers for use with a laptop or ipod. But what am I saying? If it ain’t broke…

Amusing questions and answers on the Ebay listing itself after the jump.


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